Demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Annex B.12 of PAS 2030: 2019

What is RIRIcheck?
RIRIcheck is a simple, user friendly online system providing independent verification of pre-installation building inspections by a team of accredited auditors. Building on the success of the popular CAVcheck scheme, THS Inspections have launched RIRIcheck, having piloted this service in 2019.


In order to improve quality within the industry and ensure the highest standards are upheld, the latest version of PAS 2030 requires that all room in roof insulation and internal wall insulation measures must be accompanied by evidence that the findings of the pre-installation building inspection have been independently checked. This also covers non-ECO installations seeking compliance with PAS2030:2019. RIRIcheck provides this service.


The scheme has several unique benefits:

  • All submissions will receive a desk-top audit by a competent auditor, with a minimum of 1 in 10 also being visited for an on-site audit. This means that if the on-site audit cannot be completed promptly (e.g. auditor vehicle breakdown, customer not in) the job can be released back to you, with an increased number of on-site audits completed in subsequent weeks to continue to ensure PAS 2030:2019 compliance.

  • Desk-top audits will be completed by the end of the third working day following submission.

  • On-site audits will be completed by the end of the fifth working day following submission.

  • RIRIcheck integrates seamlessly into the existing CAVcheck Platform so no need to set up additional accounts or users.


RIRIcheck costs £75 (5 Credits) per pre-installation building inspection submitted (excluding VAT).

Created by industry experts, with many years’ experience from ex-installers to surveyors, RIRIcheck is led by a fully accredited & knowledgeable team; adding value to businesses by analysing submission/failures trends, therefore teaching users. Our team provide ongoing coaching and even visit users to conduct toolbox talks. These steps address any issues and identify preventative actions; resulting in lower costs to users’ businesses.

To register your interest in RIRIcheck, just fill in the form below. We will contact you within 5 working days of your registration of interest to discuss registering on the check Services Platform, answer any queries you may have and to agree go-live dates.

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